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Island County Sheriff’s officers received these Camano Island calls:

Feb. 11

  • A firearm was reported as stolen from a residence on Dan Street.

Feb. 16

  • Caller reported that a couple of families doing the Glass Quest treasure hunt at Freedom Park have said they found a lot of needles in the west side of the park.

Feb. 17

  • An employee taking out trash heard a female screaming in the 1600 block of Dallman Road. Caller reported it might be the “usual” transient couple who fight in Hutchison Park.
  • Trees down, some in the power lines on N. East Camano Drive, Broadmoor Road, W. North Camano Drive ad Utsalady Point Road.
  • Power lines were down, creating a traffic hazard in the 1800 block of S. West Camano Drive near Cama Beach.
  • Someone seeking Glass Quest clue balls found a cylinder in a tree in Freedom Park, taped up with electrical tape, thinks its drug related.

Feb. 18

  • Vehicle prowl. Caller in the 4000 block of S. Camano Drive reported that someone set off their vehicle alarm and took off, leaving footprints in the snow.
  • Vehicle theft. Car was stolen in the 700 block of Vesper Way. The car had a dead battery. The owner was away 20 minutes and the car was gone.
  • A residential fire was reported in a backyard in the 3000 block of Galena Drive.
  • Phone outage affected approximately 166 customers in the West Camano Drive and Blackburn Road area and about 230 customers around E. Mountain View Road.

Feb. 19

  • Caller reported they could not leave because a car had been blocking their driveway since the previous day.
  • Caller advised that three trees have been down on Tamarack Lane for two days. Vehicles have to drive around.
  • Jeep was reported in the ditch on E. Camano Hill Road and N. East Camano Drive.

Feb. 20

  • A mother on Rainbow Lane called for help when she found her son, 65, unconscious and not breathing.

Feb. 21

  • Caller reported that several vehicles had slid on the west side of North Camano Drive.
  • Caller requested assistance for her daughter whose car was stuck and blocking N. East Camano Drive near the cemetery.
  • Caller stated sanding was needed on Cross Island Road and reported at least six vehicles stuck on the hill, including a large truck, a large moving van and small cars.
  • A business owner in the 800 block of N. Sunrise Boulevard reported that a customer left a gun in a bag at the store. The owner locked it up for safekeeping.
  • Person reported seeing a woman alone on the side of Cross Island Road holding her head, not looking well. A man on a bicycle was a half mile up the street looking back at her.
  • Suicide threat. Caller reported that a Camano woman texted and called saying repeatedly, “I’m going to kill myself.”
  • Caller reported a suspicious red truck has been driving slowly down Livingston Bay Road for the past few days.

Feb. 22

  • Caller talked to people in the morning after seeing their pickup go off the road at Short Road and S. East Camano Drive by the mini-storage. Subjects were out of the vehicle and seemed fine.
  • A vehicle was reported parked in front of a house in the 200 block of N. Sunset Drive for a half hour. Homeowners are on vacation. A man walked along Sunset Drive and went down the stairs to the house.
  • Caller reported a vehicle accident at Short Road and S. East Camano Drive in the afternoon. One person had cuts and bruises, the other had seat belt burn.
  • Caller slid on ice at S. East Camano Drive and E. Mountain View Road and hit an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. Another vehicle then came and hit the caller’s car.

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